Why You Need Foreign Players In Your Football Club

Running a football club in the UK is a great idea because there is serious money in the soccer industry. However, this business is not an all-comers affair. There are strict rules and regulations in this business and you cannot run your soccer club if you don't play by the rules. First off, you cannot attract football players to your club if you don't have the right facilities. Again, football clubs cannot bring foreign players in the UK unless they work with a licenced agent or an individual with a sponsor licence. Below are some things you should know about soccer clubs in the United Kingdom and why you should consider investing in the soccer industry. 

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Big Money Investment

Investing in a soccer club takes lots of cash. We are talking about hundreds of millions of pounds here. This is because you need your own stadium. You also need a well-equipped soccer academy to train young footballers. Hopefully, the young lads will graduate into your senior soccer team. You can even sell some of these players to foreign clubs and earn big money in transfer fees. 

Apart from the obvious facilities like your training academy and sports equipment, it helps if you have a bit of real estate and a strong transport department to help you run your club effectively. Some clubs have their own private aircraft and even hotels. This may sound over the top but the truth is that your own aircraft and buses will save you lots of cash in the long term when you have to travel to play away matches. Again, having your own hotel near the training facility will help keep your players in camp for home matches without spending extra cash.  

Foreign Players and Player Quota

If you run a soccer club, you should not expect that all your players will be English or UK citizens. you need a healthy blend of both local and foreign players to achieve success in your team. Now, getting your foreign players require a licence from a reputable person who is based in the UK. Remember that the foreign player is coming to the UK to work. This means you need a sponsor who will vouch for the player. An experienced immigration lawyer will make things very easy for the player. When your player arrives, all other matters like the resident permit and the foreign player quota would be sorted out eventually. 

Getting A Green Card and Citizenship for Your Player

The dream of every soccer player operating in the English soccer industry is to get both a resident permit and UK citizenship. The former is easier to get than the latter. However, getting a UK citizenship is not an impossibility. It is just a simple matter of staying in the UK long enough and getting the right paperwork. 

Final Word

As you can see, the football industry in the UK is a huge money spinner. However, making money in this business can be quite challenging. Talk to an expert in the industry and this professional will help you understand what is involved in this business.